Welcome to the NSW Kiteboarding Association

We're Back!!!
Apologies to all members for the period our website has been "up and to be honest mostly down" over the last month.  

We think we have finally shot the last of the gremlins and look forward to normal service here on!

Summertime...KITING TIME!!!

The summer season this year has been an absolute cracker!  It has been great to see so many new faces out on the water sharing the stoke as well as plenty of older dogs learning plenty of new tricks!

With the beaches and water at it's most crowded please be considerate to the general public as well as each other.  

Give each other plenty of space and remember always RIDE BY THE CODE..... 

Have fun, kite hard, kite safe 

Upcoming events

KITECHICKS 2014 Coming soon!

Contact NSWKBA

Disclaimer: Please kite responsibly, kite with buddies, chat to locals, watch out for obstructions, vessels and people. Kite within your limits, check the forecasts and choose safe locations. Kiting is a potentially dangerous sport and while NSWKBA promotes safe kiting, we can't be held responsible for any accidents. Remember wind conditions can change quickly. Please act responsibly, keep up a good name for kiting, be friendly and helpful and don't forget to have lots of fun.

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