Welcome to the NSW Kiteboarding Association

Attention: following the incorporation of AKSA into Kiteboarding Australia, NSWKBA has incorporated under the Kiteboarding New South Wales name in July 2014. Our new constitution is available here Kiteboarding_NSW_Constitution.pdf.

Summer is coming!

As we saw it at our Season Opener BBQ a few days ago, the lovely seabreezes and warmer water of summer are coming back to our spots!

If you are just getting back on the water after taking it easy during winter make sure you check your gear and safety systems are in good shape and don't hesitate to ask more experienced kiters or your local shop if you have any concern.

If you are not a kiter yet but wants to learn now is a great time to get started. Check out our list of shops and schools on nswkba.com.au/links/shops.

Wether you are just starting to fly a kite or a seasoned kiter make sure you are still aware of the safety guidelines www.nswkba.com.au/safety and protect yourself and others by being a current member of Kiteboarding NSW. See the Kiteboarding Australia website www.aska.com.au/joinhere for more details.

Have fun on the water and look after each other

The Kiteboarding NSW Committee 

Upcoming events

KITECHICKS 2014 Coming soon!

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Disclaimer: Please kite responsibly, kite with buddies, chat to locals, watch out for obstructions, vessels and people. Kite within your limits, check the forecasts and choose safe locations. Kiting is a potentially dangerous sport and while NSWKBA promotes safe kiting, we can't be held responsible for any accidents. Remember wind conditions can change quickly. Please act responsibly, keep up a good name for kiting, be friendly and helpful and don't forget to have lots of fun.

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