Welcome to the NSW Kiteboarding Association

AGM 2014 - 6th of August
Please join us this Wednesday at the Beach Road Hotel in Bondi from 6.30pm for the annual NSWKBA AGM & Members drinks. This is a great opportunity to mingle with other kiters from around the state and learn about what is happening behind the scenes from the current Committee members before electing the new Committee for this coming season.

Wintertime...KITING TIME!!!

The drop in temperature is not enough to stop us from having fun, but the recent conditions really do serve as a reminder of the golden rules of kitesurfing, check the forecasts, your gear, the location, your abilities and your comfort level - as always if in doubt, do not go out..... 

For more information on safe kiting why not check out; www.nswkba.com.au/safety 

Take care on the water and look after each other 


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KITECHICKS 2014 Coming soon!

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Disclaimer: Please kite responsibly, kite with buddies, chat to locals, watch out for obstructions, vessels and people. Kite within your limits, check the forecasts and choose safe locations. Kiting is a potentially dangerous sport and while NSWKBA promotes safe kiting, we can't be held responsible for any accidents. Remember wind conditions can change quickly. Please act responsibly, keep up a good name for kiting, be friendly and helpful and don't forget to have lots of fun.

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